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Welcome to the San Carlos Little League Website

Established in 1953, San Carlos Little League provides a positive youth baseball experience to children of all abilities in the San Carlos community, by developing the qualities of leadership, citizenship, discipline, character and teamwork.

San Carlos Nationals Win Majors Super Bowl - Bring a Championship Back to San Carlos

San Carlos Nationals Win Majors Super Bowl - Bring a Championship Back to San Carlos

As the ball nestled softly into the glove of first baseman Dominic Avila for the final out, it triggered a wild celebration in the middle of the diamond.
The San Carlos Nationals had won the District 52 Majors Postseason All-Star Super Bowl.

It was the first championship win for any San Carlos team since the 2003 San Carlos Nationals won the District 52 Baseball 12 Championship.
To put that in perspective, the oldest kid on this 2017 team is Nolan Scheetz, who was born in 2004.

This was the first Majors or Minors Super Bowl title for a San Carlos team.
The 2010 and the 2013 Majors Super Bowl teams both finished in 2nd place.

But the championship trophy that has eluded the City of Good Living for 14 years always seemed just out of reach, like Lucy pulling the football away before Charlie Brown could kick it.

The 2017 San Carlos Nationals would put an end to that.

I sat down with Manager T.J. Pechetti and Assistant Coach Scott Reynick over a few beers to discuss this remarkable run of the Nationals.

“It’s really all about the kids” said Pechetti. 
“They knew what the end game was.  We had a roster consisting entirely of 12-year old kids, and they wanted to end their Little League career with a Championship.  Having the tournament in San Carlos only fueled them further…they did not want anyone else partying in their house.”

The seeds of this Championship might have been sewn when the Majors Division announced that it would be reducing from 12 to 10 teams in late 2016.
What that meant is that instead of fielding 2 District and 2 Super Bowl teams, as San Carlos has done for many years, they would now field 1 District and 1 Super Bowl team (unless the District invited them to field a second team as they did with the Majors Super Bowl and the District 10 team this year).

So, when the Majors Super Bowl roster was released, it looked great on paper.
But the Titanic looked great on paper too.

There have been many instances of individual All-Stars being placed on the same team and just not clicking, not having the right chemistry.

Pechetti, Reynick and Assistant Coach Brian Rumsey would have less than two weeks to get this group of individual stars melded into a cohesive unit, to get every player to put the greater good of the team ahead of individual playing time and statistics.

And although the Super Bowl is only a 4-day tournament it is difficult to manage.

Super Bowl is a single elimination tournament with one game every day.  There is no room to have a bad game like in Districts or SCLL Playoffs, and then survive in the Losers Bracket.  A bad game means you go home.

Surviving 4 games in 4 days is always tricky with pitching and pitch counts.  Do you save your best pitcher for the final game?  If you do, you might not make the final game.  It is always a balancing act and takes a talented coaching staff to make the right decisions.

San Carlos would kick off the opening game of the entire tournament at Stadium Saturday June 17th against Pacifica.
Under a blistering 90-degree sun, one thing became evident early.
This team could hit.

But it started out with small ball, as Leo McMahon laid down an early bunt with two outs to turn the lineup over and start a big rally.
McMahon would come up later in the game and hit a bases clearing triple.

San Carlos would end up winning 13-5 over Pacifica.
Pacifica typically always has good postseason teams.
Was this just a down year for them or was San Carlos this good?
We would soon find out.

The next day on Sunday was the hottest day of the week with temperatures in the high 90’s.
When the weather gets extremely hot at Arguello, the ball flies all over the yard.

Bryce Burke hit a home run to start the fireworks for the offense.
“Bryce was one of the emotional leaders for the team”, noted Pechetti.
“He kept everyone fired up and loose”.

Andrew Stewart would hit a late grand slam to seal the deal for San Carlos in what turned out to be a 19-5 rout over Menlo/Alpine.
“Stewart brings a middle linebacker mentality to the football field” said Reynick.
“And he’s fast…he’s deceiving in his speed because he is so big, but the kid can run!”

On Monday San Carlos would continue their hot hitting with a 13-5 win over San Mateo in the semi-finals.

Jack Wiessinger was given the starting pitcher honors for the semi-final game.
Wiessinger was also the shortstop and leadoff hitter for the team.
“Jack embraced the shortstop position, which is the most important and difficult position in the infield”, said Reynick.
“And he gave us great at bats from the leadoff spot.  He was always battling and even when he didn’t get on base, he gave us a quality at bat and made the pitcher throw a lot of pitches.”

Wiessinger gave the team two great innings but then ran into some trouble in the 3rd.
Pechetti had one of his biggest decisions to make.
The plan was to save Dominic Avila to start the Championship Game the next night.
But if they didn’t use Avila right then and there, they might not make it to the Championship.
This is where the coaching staff can play such a critical role.
With the score tied in the 3rd inning, Pechetti decided to bring in Avila right then.
It turned out to be the right call.

Avila not only gave the team 4 innings of 1 run ball, but he hit 2 home runs as the star of the game.
And while Avila’s pitching held down the fort, the offense went to work.
Bryce Burke and Andrew Stewart both homered again.
As did Owen Reynick and Nolan Scheetz in a 6-home run blitz from San Carlos.
“As Nolan was rounding 3rd base, I could see the look of excitement on his face.  He told me it was the first home run he had hit since Farm”, said Reynick who was also the 3rd base coach.

So, it was on to the Championship Game for San Carlos against Hillsborough.
And as impressive as they were, Hillsborough was equally impressive.
San Carlos had outscored their 3 opponents 45-15.
Hillsborough outscored their 3 opponents 45-13.

It’s rare for a Finals game to live up to the hype.
But this one did…a wild game of momentum changes and big plays.
Twice, 3 innings apart, San Carlos was within one swing of taking a 10-run lead.
The second time that 10 run lead would have ended the game on a mercy rule.
And in between all of that, it felt like they might lose this game!

Nolan Scheetz was given the starting pitcher honors.
Scheetz rose to the occasion with 2 shutout innings to start the game.
And with no score in the bottom of the 2nd, the home team San Carlos Nationals offense erupted.

“The big innings we had were started from the middle or bottom of the order” noted Reynick.
And so it was in the 2nd inning, as #6 hitter Ethan Moussa started off the inning with a single.
“Ethan just finds a way to get on base” said Pechetti.

The first 5 hitters of that inning would all get on base and all 5 would come around to score.
The 5th of those runs was from Parker Harrison, who was seemingly on base every time during this tournament.
At one point Harrison reached base safely in 10 of 11 trips to the plate.
And Harrison played catcher much of the time, which in upwards of 90-degree heat is no small task.

San Carlos tacked on 2 more runs that inning to take a 7-0 lead through 2 innings.
But then in the Top of the 3rd the mood in the hometown park got suddenly tense.
Hillsborough got a couple of hits and a walk, and then #3 hitter Kevin Maloof hit a grand slam.

Hillsborough was fired up and you could see the momentum change.
They didn’t stop scoring there as they continued to hit.
When the inning was over, a huge crowd of hometown San Carlos fans at Arguello was in stunned silence as Hillsborough was up 8-7.

Andrew Stewart would lead off the bottom of the 3rd.
Stewart can hit the ball into the trees.
But for all the home runs he has hit, this would be his most important at bat of the game, a situation that just called for him to get on base.
When a team has a big inning like Hillsborough did, it’s important to answer back and let the other team know that you are still there and fighting.

Stewart’s at bat was not looking promising, as he flailed at a curveball to put him down 2 strikes.
The Hillsborough pitcher went back to the well, thinking if Stewart was fooled so badly on his previous curveball, he wouldn’t have much luck on another one.
But Stewart stayed back this time and hammered the ball to the left field fence for a leadoff double.

With one out Stewart went to 3rd on a wild pitch sending Owen Reynick to the plate.
Reynick hit a home run the previous day, but his job this time was much different…make contact and get the runner home.
With two strikes Reynick put the bat on the ball and hit a weak grounder to second.
It was a small but significant play.
The situation called for contact and Reynick delivered a clutch RBI, the tying run, which psychologically is so important.
San Carlos would never trail again.

Bryce Burke pitched a scoreless Top of the 4th and San Carlos was back to bat again in the bottom of the 4th in an 8-8 tie.
Anthony Figaro led off the bottom of the 4th with a single.
“Anthony played great defense all tournament” said Pechetti.
“And he always seemed to make a great defensive play when the game was tight.”
This time though it was his bat that would make the difference with that leadoff single.

Sean Walsh hit a one out double to left field to put runners at 2nd and 3rd.
“All Walsh does is hit.  He is so consistent and so versatile that he can play anywhere on the field.” said Reynick.
Walsh is also the rare switch hitter, the only switch hitter on the team and possibly the entire tournament.

With runners on 2nd and 3rd, it was time for the signature moment of the game.
Bryce Burke stepped to the plate and hit a towering fly ball to center field.
Hillsborough center fielder Colin Dhaliwal drifted back as the ball kept carrying.
Dhaliwal crashed into the center field fence and robbed a home run from Burke.
Dhaliwal’s momentum carried him through the fence and as he got up, Sean Walsh raced from 2nd and rounded 3rd to try and score.
Anthony Figaro had already tagged and scored on the sacrifice fly, but 3rd base coach Reynick wanted that 2nd run.  It would be a chance for the rare 2 RBI sacrifice fly.
Walsh furiously sped towards the plate as the ball was cut off by shortstop Kevin Maloof and gunned home.
Walsh got under the throw by a split second and the normally reserved Walsh pumped his fists in the air.
You could tell how much this game meant to him.
And it meant a lot to his teammates who rushed in behind him to mob him.

Reynick had been aggressive with baserunners all tournament long.
With as many baserunners as the Nationals had in 4 games, his arm looked like a Giant windmill, constantly in motion with hurricane force winds.
Reynick’s aggressive style had the team always looking to take an extra base, and that was apparent on Walsh’s sprint to the plate.  He knew he was getting the green light to score immediately and his first step showed the urgency of his journey.

It would turn out San Carlos would need that extra run that Walsh provided as Hillsborough would come storming back, as they had done all game.

Hillsborough tied the game 10-10 in the blink of an eye and had runners on base poised to take the lead.
Tyler Pechetti was brought into the game to restore order.
He was throwing heat, but with 2 strikes he went to the curveball to get the final out.
It was a nasty knee buckling curve, and the batter was way out in front of it.
San Carlos had survived the 5th with a 10-10 tie still intact.

In the bottom of the 5th, San Carlos rewarded the home fans with an inning for the ages.
Andrew Stewart led off the inning with a base hit, just like he did in the 3rd when San Carlos was down 8-7 and needed him to get on base.
In fact the first 10 batters all reached safely.
Pechetti had the game winning RBI with the infield playing in, as he served a ball over the second baseman’s head into short right field, scoring Andrew Stewart and Ethan Moussa.

The first 9 batters all scored a run.
And when the inning was over San Carlos had a 19-10 lead.
Andrew Stewart came up again with a chance to mercy rule the game.
He almost beat out a grounder to shortstop but was out by a quarter step.
The game would go on.

And the way this game was going anything was possible.
Pechetti was back on the mound in the Top of the 6th, and he saw to it that there would be no drama.
He retired the side in order with the final out hit right back to him as he tossed it softly to first.

San Carlos had their first championship in 14 years.
The kids dogpiled on the infield and celebrated their victory, not knowing the historical significance of their accomplishment.

“We didn’t make any postgame plans because we didn’t want to jinx it” said Reynick.
“So when we won we just said spur of the moment let’s go to The Office, and all 12 families showed up.  It was just another sign of the spirit and camaraderie we had the entire tournament, not only from the kids but all the parents.”

For those that came to witness any of the 4 games that San Carlos played, the energy and enthusiasm of the kids was apparent.
Majors Super Bowl allows any kid to be selected who played Majors this year, 10, 11, or 12 year olds.
But this team had only 12-year-old kids on the roster, and because of that there was a collective dynamic on this team that wanted to end their Little League careers with a championship. 
For these 12 kids, it would be the last game of their Little League career, their last game on home turf, and you could tell how much it meant to them.

District games kick off this weekend.
Now that San Carlos has one District team they have a chance to do some real damage in the District tournaments.
The 10, 11, and 12 District teams are all strong.

But it's the 2017 San Carlos Majors Super Bowl team that finally broke through and gave the city its first championship in years.
If this leads to a string of good fortune for San Carlos baseball, it all started with the heroic efforts of these 12 kids in defending their home turf and bringing a baseball championship back to San Carlos.

San Carlos Nationals
2017 Majors Super Bowl Champions

Manager - TJ Pechetti
Coach - Scott Reynick
Coach - Brian Rumsey

Dominick Avila
Bryce Burke
Anthony Figaro
Parker Harrison
Leo McMahon
Ethan Moussa
Tyler Pechetti
Owen Reynick
Nolan Scheetz
Andrew Stewart
Sean Walsh
Jack Wiessinger

San Carlos Nationals - 2017 Majors Super Bowl Champions

San Carlos Nationals Blast Their Way Into Majors Super Bowl Finals

San Carlos Nationals Blast Into Majors Super Bowl Finals

San Carlos CA – The San Carlos Nationals hit 5 HR’s on their way to a 13-5 victory over the San Mateo Americans. 
The win puts San Carlos in the Majors Super Bowl Finals against Hillsborough tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Arguello.

The ball was flying at Arguello yesterday.
San Mateo jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with a 1st inning home run.
But in the bottom of the frame, Bryce Burke jumped on a pitch to hit a 2 run home run to tie the game.
And then next up was cleanup hitter Andrew Stewart who turned on an inside pitch and hit one deep into the left field hills.
Stewart has picked up right where he left off in the SCLL season as he continues to destroy opposing pitching.

There was little doubt as to the result of the game as the offense just kept hitting.
Dominic Avila, Nolan Scheetz, and Owen Reynick also hit home runs.

This has become one of the feel good stories of the entire SCLL season, as the San Carlos Nationals have now scored 45 runs in 3 games. 

This sets up a Finals showdown with Hillsborough.
In 3 games San Carlos has outscored their opponents 45-15.
In 3 games Hillsborough has outscored their opponents 43-15.

San Carlos Manager TJ Pechetti and Assistant Coaches Scott Reynick and Brian Rumsey have done a great job getting the most out of this talented roster.
The energy and enthusiasm has been contagious throughout the dugout for these three games.

The stage is set for what should be a great game tonight.
San Carlos looks for it’s first Super Bowl win since…who knows? 
I’m sure someone knows when the last time San Carlos won a Super Bowl was, but so far we have had no luck locating them.

Come out and support the local kids tonight and cheer them on in what should be an epic Championship Game.

San Carlos AAA Super Bowl Team Loses Heartbreaker to San Mateo

San Carlos AAA Super Bowl Team Loses Heartbreaker to San Mateo in Extra Innings

They fought.
They battled.
They did us proud.

They were harder to kill than Michael Myers.

And with seemingly half of San Mateo rooting against them tonight against the San Mateo Super Bowl team, they stood tall.

They came back from a 9-6 6th inning deficit to tie the game and force extra innings.

But they fell just short in extra innings and their season is over.

These kids battled all tournament long.
They came back from deficits in every game and almost did so again tonight.

What a great season for the San Carlos AAA Super Bowl team.

Well done kids!

Here's the roster.


Manager - Andy Castricone
Coach - Mike Black
Coach - Tim Yang

Gerren Black
Tyler Castricone
Tate Cohen
Joey Corea
Alex Dils
Henry Dommer
Reese Hsu
Archer Huang
Ryan Mendez
Carter Norton
Colton Rekow
Tyler Webster
Aiden Yang

The San Carlos Minors Super Bowl team was harder to kill than Michael Myers.

District 52 Tournament Brackets

Click the link to find out the District and Super Bowl schedule and brackets

San Carlos AAA Super Bowl Team Wins on Walkoff Bunt!

San Carlos AAA Super Bowl Team Wins on Walkoff Bunt!

Billy Martin would be proud.
The 1981 Oakland A’s had a new brand of baseball with “Billy Ball”.
It called for running wild, bunting, hit and runs and anything to surprise the opposition.

So with a 10-10 tie game in the bottom of the 6th and a runner on 3rd base, what did San Carlos AAA Super Bowl Manager Andy Castricone call for?

The walk off bunt squeeze play of course!

And it was executed perfectly by Alex Dils who laid down a beauty down the line as Reese Hsu sprinted home with the winning run to give San Carlos an 11-10 win over Menlo-Atherton.

The win puts San Carlos in the semi-finals against the San Mateo Americans Monday night.

Under sweltering conditions in the mid-90’s, San Carlos jumped ahead early with a 6-2 lead.
But as the afternoon sun beat down upon them, the lead started to shrink and eventually disappear.

Menlo-Atherton not only went ahead but they pulled away 10-6 as San Carlos went to bat in the bottom of the 5th.

At that point, San Carlos had 2 choices…give in to the brutal conditions and play out the game, or fight.
They chose the latter.

They scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning to cut the lead to 10-8.
Apparently the opposing team must have read last night’s article and were afraid of a Blackout, as they intentionally walked Gerren Black to load the bases. 
San Carlos was not able to make them pay for this intentional walk…at least not yet.

Colton Rekow then came in the game in the Top of the 6th and closed the door with a quick inning, setting up the scene for the final comeback.

San Carlos now enters the semi-finals of the Minors Super Bowl against a good San Mateo American team, Monday night at 5:30 p.m. at Trinta Field in San Mateo.

Playing in their 3rd consecutive game of what they hope is 4 in a row, can make it tough on a pitching staff.
Fortunately this staff is well equipped with a team of veteran 11 year olds and some younger 10 year olds that can pitch well.

It has been a long time since San Carlos won a Super Bowl.
We would have to go to the microfiche at the San Carlos library and pull old newspaper articles to find out the exact date, but it wasn’t any time recently.

There are still 2 games to go and in sports you take it one day at a time.

But for Manager Andy Castricone, they will enjoy today’s win
The gutsy walkoff bunt call had the kids dogpiling in celebration, and evoked the memory of Billy Ball.

Billy Ball, A's Baseball, Billy Ball, "You Blew that Call", He's gonna get home, just you wait and see. "Why is everybody always picking on me?"

San Carlos Hosts Majors Super Bowl - June 17th - 20th

San Carlos Hosts Majors Super Bowl
Saturday June 17th – Tuesday June 20th

Come support the two San Carlos teams in this tournament!

San Carlos Nationals led by Manager TJ Pechetti.
San Carlos Americans led by Manager Tom Apela.

Here is the entire schedule which will be updated daily

Single Elimination

Saturday, June 17th

Game 1 San Carlos National 13  Pacifica American 5

Game 2 – Palo Alto 10  Redwood City 0

Game 3 – Hillsborough 13  Belmont/Redwood Shores #2 11

Game 4 – Belmont/Redwood Shores #1 11  Menlo-Atherton 3

Sunday, June 18th

Game 5 – San Carlos National 19  Alpine/West Menlo 5

Game 6 – San Mateo American 12  Palo Alto 2

Game 7 – Hillsborough 19  San Carlos American 0

Game 8 – San Mateo National 4  Belmont/Redwood Shores 1

Monday, June 20th

Semi-Finals:  Game 9 – San Carlos National 13  San Mateo Americans 5

Semi-Finals:  Game 10 – Hillsborough 11  San Mateo Nationals 4

Tuesday, June 21st

Finals:  Game 11 – San Carlos Nationals 19  Hillsborough 10

Super Bowl Shuffle - San Carlos Undefeated on Opening Day of Super Bowl!

San Carlos and San Mateo CA – It wasn’t quite the Super Bowl Shuffle of the 1985 Chicago Bears…no the San Carlos Super Bowl teams would never embarrass themselves that way.
Instead both San Carlos teams went out and took care of business today.

In San Mateo, the San Carlos Minors (AAA) Super Bowl team beat Belmont/Redwood Shores 8-5.
This game was not televised locally due to a “Blackout”, as Gerren Black’s titanic 3 run shot over the fence supplied the crushing blow for the San Carlos offense.
Reese Hsu backed up the offense with 2 shutout innings pitching.
Fresh off a AAA Championship, Manager Andy Castricone looks to keep the good times rolling for San Carlos in tomorrow’s quarterfinal game against Menlo-Atherton.

Meanwhile much closer to home in the friendly confines of Arguello Park, the San Carlos Nationals beat the Pacifica Americans 13-5 in the Majors Super Bowl.
Manager T.J. Pechetti has a deep roster and that was on display today with contributions up and down the lineup.
Dominic Avila started off the hometown kids with a strong 2 innings on the mound.
Batting out of the 13th spot, Leo McMahon was a sparkplug for the offense.
His bunt single with 2 outs in the 2nd inning sparked a 3 run rally, and then later in the game he had a bases clearing triple.

San Carlos has another entry in the Majors Super Bowl with the San Carlos Americans, led by Manager Tom Apela.
The San Carlos Americans had an opening round bye today, but they will be in action tomorrow against Hillsborough in a quarterfinal game.

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and we wish all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!
If you are looking for some Father’s Day baseball excitement, come check out one of the 3 Super Bowl games tomorrow and support our local kids.

If San Carlos is fortunate enough to have one of these teams win the Super Bowl, perhaps we will finally get a Super Bowl Shuffle rap song that is worthy of the hype!

Father’s Day Super Bowl Schedule - Quarterfinal Games

AAA Super Bowl
11:30 a.m. – San Carlos vs. Menlo-Atherton
Trinta Park – San Mateo

Majors Super Bowl
10:00 a.m. – San Carlos Nationals vs. Alpine/West Menlo

3:00 p.m. – San Carlos Americans vs. Hillsborough

Happy Father’s Day!

Super Bowl Shuffle - We hope this embarrassing display by the 1985 Chicago Bears will never be repeated again

"I'm Still Standing" - Oakland Athletics Win Majors Championship

"I'm Still Standing" - Oakland Athletics Win Majors Championship

“Don’t you know I’m still standing
Better than I ever did
Looking like a true survivor
Feeling like a little kid
I’m still standing after all this time”

   - Elton John, “I’m Still Standing”, 1983

It’s not easy to win 7 games in a row.
Especially when you MUST win 7 games in a row or your season is over.

No team had a 7-game winning streak in Majors this season.
In fact no team except the Red Sox won more than 4 games in a row.

If you flip a coin 7 times, the odds of it coming up heads all 7 times are 1 in 128.

But after losing their first playoff game, the Athletics would need 7 straight wins to hoist the Majors Championship Trophy.
So as the team celebrated after the final out was recorded to make them the 2017 City Champions, it was still hard to believe that this happened.

But as Rudy Tomjanovich of the Houston Rockets once said, “never underestimate the heart of a champion”.

Carter Friday’s 3rd inning grand slam was the decisive blow in the Athletics 7-5 victory over the Giants.
Friday, the kid that hit 3 home runs on 3 consecutive swings early in the season, heated up in the playoffs when his team needed him most.
When Friday gets hot he gets really hot and his bat caught fire again during the 7 game winning streak.

But there were other bats in this lineup.
Connor Chan also hit a home run in this game, his 11th of the season including playoffs.
Chan was one of the most dangerous hitters in the game this year.
His menacing stance at home plate was foreboding of the danger that lay ahead for opposing pitchers.

Chan, Friday and 6 other 12-year-old Athletics end their SCLL career with a Majors title on their resume.

But what made this Athletics team so dangerous was that they got production up and down this lineup.
In addition to Friday and Chan, the suddenly hot Richard LaGrill ended up with 4 home runs including one more in the playoffs.
In fact including playoffs, 8 of the 12 kids on this roster hit a home run, which is more than any other team.

The Athletics bashed 21 home runs this season, most in Majors.
Their 9.05 runs scored per game were 2nd most in Majors.
When you attended an Athletics game this season, you would not be bored.

But beyond the glamour of the home run, the Athletics could also pitch.
They had two of the hardest throwers in Majors this season in Dylan Brandenburg and Ryan Hove.
And with all the home runs they hit, they only allowed 8 balls to leave the yard, which was tied for first.

Manager Eric Hove held a steady hand during the playoffs and made all the right moves in winning 7 straight.

Meanwhile Assistant Coach Lee Brandenburg ages out of Majors with a Championship Trophy.
Brandenburg was a former tennis pro in his younger days. 
But his anti-establishment behavior got him kicked out of the country club tennis courts and he has found the baseball field a much more welcoming home for him.
And now this veteran Assistant Coach leaves with a championship, a storied end to his SCLL career.

Elton John said it best for the 2017 Oakland Athletics.
They are still standing, better than they ever did.
Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid.

Congratulations to the 2017 Majors City Champions, the Oakland Athletics.

The Athletics are still standing after surviving 7 consecutive elimination games

It was a night to celebrate in Oakland with the Golden State Warriors and the Oakland Athletics becoming Champions

2017 AAA City Champions
Carolina Mudcats

Like a cat in tall grass, the Mudcats silently crouched and observed.

They were in no particular rush, finishing 7-6 in the regular season.

They knew the time to strike would be the playoffs.
And when the playoffs rolled around, they struck with the ferocity and speed of a big cat in the Serengeti.

Of course a Mudcat is a fish and not a cat, but that doesn't make quite as good a story.

What does make a good story is the Mudcats throwing a shutout in the Championship Game led by 3 innings each from Joey Correa and Connor Cook.

Throwing strikes is a good recipe for success in AAA.  If you can back that up with a little heat, then you really have something special.  And Correa and Cook were just that in the Championship Game.  

Congratulations to Manager Andy Castricone and Assistant Coaches Pat Shaughnessy and Bryce Cook, and all the kids on the Mudcats for a great 2017 season.

Ladies and gentleman, your 2017 AAA City Champions, the Carolina Mudcats!

2017 AAA City Champions - Carolina Mudcats

2017 AA City Champions - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

2017 AA City Champions
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The best game of Championship Saturday?
The AA game of course!

Georgia Tech held on to win 13-12 over Oklahoma State in a back and forth game with wild momentum swings and great defensive plays.

Oklahoma State had the tying run at 3rd with 2 outs in the bottom of the 6th inning.

In fact there was so much drama in this game that the pitching machine generator had a heart attack and a replacement generator had to be brought in.

Yes this game was that good.

Props to the AA kids for bringing it on Championship Saturday.
And props to Georgia Tech Manager Craig Ostrander and Oklahoma State Manager Tony Basso for doing a tremendous job coaching these kids all season long.

Congratulations to both teams on a fine year, and your 2017 AA City Champions are the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets!!!

2017 AA City Champions - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

2017 Hit-A-Thon Prizes

Congratulations to the Hit-A-Thon prize winners!
Check the PDF below to see if you won a prize.

Hit-A-Thon prizes will be available for pick up at Championship games all day Saturday June 10th at Arguello.  There will be additional pickup dates/locations if people cannot make Saturday.

We will also do the Raffle on Championship Saturday as well.    

Here is a list of Grand Prize Winners that win either an Xbox or PS4.

If you won a Grand Prize, please e-mail to specify your preference of an Xbox or PS4.

Grand Prize Winners

Majors Pirates – Robert Oda
Majors Tigers – Jayden Weber
AAA Marauders – Alessandro Martinez
AAA Sea Dogs – Nate Hui
AA Florida Gators – Rocco Zirelli
AA Miami Hurricanes – Brody Zirelli
Farm Nationals – Julian Levenson
T-Ball White Sox – Penelope Connolly

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winners!!!

And thank you to everyone for participating this year!!

We raised 30K for SCLL and the money will be put to good use for the 2018 season.

2017 SCLL District and Super Bowl Team

Below are the 2017 District and Super Bowl teams for SCLL.

We would like to congratulate the kids that were voted on these teams for their hard work, dedication and tremendous play this season!

District 52 12's San Carlos LL

Manager - Eric Hove
Coach - Lee Brandenburg
Coach - Gordon Wong
Coach - Rick Galvez

Carson Baldi
Dylan Brandenburg 
Connor Chan
Evan Elwood
Gavin Everett
Gael Fonseca
Carter Friday
Ryan Greene
Ryan Hove
Cole Kenyon
Aaron Melz
James Tofigh
Tyler Wong 

District 52 11's San Carlos LL

Manager - Anthony Pedrotti
Coach - Toby O'Brien
Coach - Billy Roark
Coach - Sal Prieto

Willem Berry
Aiden Deffner
Will Foster
Scotty Kirkpatrick
Richard La Grill
John Larios
Logan McDougall
TJ O'Brien
Michael Pedrotti
Joseph Prieto
Cole Roark
Max Stallings
Jayden Weber

District 52 10's San Carlos LL - Red

Manager - Jeremy Schmalzle
Coach - Mike Zirelli
Coach - Steve Robinson

Tyler Harrison
Clay Hinsdale
Ian Josephson
Dylan Karmin
Joey Lorenzini
Logan Mathias
Davis Minton
Luke Robinson
Connor Schmalzle
Dylan Tanner
Jason Tofigh
Luke Tofigh
Zack Zirelli

District 52 10's San Carlos LL - Blue

Manager - Rick Martinez
Coach - Danielle Van Wert
Coach - Steve Magner

Marco Baisch
Tyler Barringer
Carter Dalke
Ryan Fitzhugh
Grant Goetz
Nate Hui
Josh Juliano
Clayton Magner
Alessandro Martinez
Nils Nehrenheim
Gavin Reynick
Sam Van Wert
Sam Werner

District 52 50/70 San Carlos LL

Manager - John Haderle
Coach - Joe Seroogy
Coach - Kevin McCarthy

Andres Baisch
Mason Grech
Charlie Haderle
Jonah Hoffmann
Colin McCarthy
Jack Pedrotti
Alex Seroogy
Nick Swee
Jake York
David Gallagher
Alex Dosen
William Jett

Majors Super Bowl San Carlos National LL

Manager - TJ Pechetti
Coach - Scott Reynick
Coach - Brian Rumsey

Dominick Avila
Bryce Burke
Anthony Figaro
Parker Harrison
Leo McMahon
Ethan Moussa
Wesley Murray
Tyler Pechetti
Owen Reynick
Nolan Scheetz
Andrew Stewart
Sean Walsh
Jack Wiessinger

Majors Super Bowl San Carlos American LL

Manager - Tom Apela
Coach - John Haderle
Coach - Tim Giacomini

Rohan Aggarwal
Brian Casey
Hudson Fox
Spencer Haderle
Jake Jones
Vikram Kacholiya
Alex Masci
Bruce Matthews
Kai Moananu-Apela
Robert Oda
Brooks Trimmer
Luke Ulrich
Jack Van Wert

Minors (AAA) Super Bowl San Carlos LL

Manager - Andy Castricone
Coach - Mike Black
Coach - Tim Yang

Gerren Black
Tyler Castricone
Tate Cohen
Joey Corea
Alex Dils
Henry Dommer
Reese Hsu
Archer Huang
Ryan Mendez
Carter Norton
Colton Rekow
Tyler Webster
Aiden Yang

2017 SCLL Exhibition All-Stars

Below are the 2017 SCLL Exhibition All-Stars.

We would like to congratulate the kids that were voted on these teams for their hard work, dedication and tremendous play this season!


National League

Manager - Steve Kempton

Padres- Charlie Fulton, Leo Chan, Nicholas Fromm
Cubs- Alex Klahr, Fin Moody, Jaquari Hughes
Giants-Jack  Kempton, Josiah Saberi, Ethan Benton
Reds- Sanjay Krishnamurti, Matteo Saisi, Tyler Cole
Pirates- Jackson Bae, Will Burlison, Tommy Gooch

American League

Manager - Jason Borzello

Astros- Ethan Bae, Colin Nehrenheim, Casey Oliveira
Red Sox- Alex Romero, Will Maxwell, Luke Maxwell
A’s- Luca Paganucci, Carl Kaufman, Connor Chatterjee
Yankees- Tej Suklikar, Jackson Marquez, Landon Kilgariff
Tigers- Jason Borzello, Luke Diago, Luke Rowell


National League

Manager - Matt Goodwin

Grasshoppers- David Raymond, Tyler Williams
Marauders - Cole Reimer, Charlie Beres
Mudcats- Connor Cook, Andres Lacson
Rattlers - Matteo Caldas, Gabe Goodwin
River Cats - James King, Reid Cole, Ethan Pedroso
Sand Gnats - Connor Grant, Everett Haggarty

American League

Manager - Ben Taft

Bulls- Henry Eaton, Drew Turiello
Hooks- Tyler Steele, Owen Livesay
Mud Hens- Brandon Kwan, Reza Parsey, Mateo Soto
Sea Dogs- River Deleon, Von Roberts
Sea Wolves- Drew Taft, Zach Ehrenpreis
Thunder- Rocco Loskutoff, Drew Ostrander



Manager - Andy Castricone
Coach - Pat Dickerson
Coach - Michael Evert

Colorado State- Connor Law, Jack Walker
Kansas - Braden Himley, Parker John Smith
Kansas State- Ethan Liu, Roen Theuner
Michigan - Caden Dalke, Levi Wellman
Nebraska - Connor Murray, Ryder Williams
Notre Dame - Luke Castricone, Xavi Lacson
Oklahoma State - Eric Dickerson, David Lopez


Manager - Steve Zirelli
Coach - Kevin Beals
Coach - Kip Meintzer
Coach - Tom Saberi

Arizona- Leighton Graves, Nolan Hahm
Arizona State- Cade Miller, Zaiden Saberi
Florida- Alex Madia, Justin Miller
Georgia- Austyn Lee-Meintzer, Blake Whitaker
Georgia Tech- Darcy Cross, Nicholas Jones
Miami- Mitchell Giacomini, Brody Zirelli
Texas A&M- AJ McDonald, Ben Taylor


9:30 a.m. Game

Team 1

Manager - Josh Berta
Coach - Danielle Van Wert
Coach - Josh Goines

Astros- Brayden Berta, Liam Widner, Tristan Maass
Red Sox - Max Van Wert, Ben Marquez, Ryan Miller, Joey Brenes, Toby Streck
Athletics- Josh Goines, Liam Tourand, Caleb Cohen, Sam Walker

Team 2

Manager - Ryan Connolly
Coach - Paul Foley

Blue Jays- Oliver Connolly, Noah Lait, Ryan Im, Carson Peterson
Reds- Aiden Foley, Luca Gordon, James Kellis
Twins- Will Raymond, Luke Gotelli, Duncan Reynick, Eric Lonardo, Ethan Trietsch

11:15 a.m. Game

Team 3

Manager - James Deitrich
Coach - Dino Perazzo

Orioles- Grant Matter, Logan Deitrich, Reid Morton, Thomas Pan, Luka Fustar
Pirates- Cole Kirk, Bodie Blaine, Ryan Perazzo
Tigers- Jack Sullivan, Varun Raman, Ryan Cole, Julian Dixon-Webster

Team 4

Manager - Gary Gonzales
Coach - Gary Bormann
Coach - Kevin Beals

Mariners- Nathan Gonzales, Tiago Guilar, Jace Tan, Vishnu Iyer
Cubs- Samuel Beals, Talin Robertson, Hendrik Graves, Kalin Iyer
White Sox- Mason Bormann, Nash Trautwein, Elijah Cartagena

1:00 p.m. Game

Team 5

Manager - Chris Kron
Coach - Travis Gilbert

Cardinals- Jacob Delacruz, Nathan Kron, Robert Davis, Nalin Hajela
Nationals- Liam Pinelli, Andrew Bennett, Luke Hsu, Brody Grech
Yankees- Braxton Hanson, Nolan Wong, Brad Prendergast, Shane Prendergast

Team 6

Manager - Tom Glass
Coach - Kip Meintzner
Coach - Todd Morey

Marlins- Garrett Glass, Matthew Harville, Isaiah Aragon, Lucas Alvarez
Brewers- Carsyn-Lee Meintzner, Ethan Law, John Eaton, Vedaanth Reddy
Giants- Johnny Morey, Jacob Brill, August Antovich, Carson Ettinger

Majors Playoff Matchups

Note:  No Reseeding
Brackets determine matchups


Winner's Bracket

Game 1 - Monday May 15th - #8 Padres 9  #9 Yankees 7

Game 2 - Monday May 15th - #7 Cubs 4  #10 Pirates 2

Game 3 - Tuesday May 16th - #5 Giants 5  #4 Astros 4

Game 4 - Wednesday May 17th - #3 Red Sox 8  #6 Tigers 4

Game 5 - Thursday May 18th  - #1 Reds 8  #8 Padres 7

Game 6 - Thursday May 18th - #7 Cubs 10  #2 Athletics 6

Game 11 - Tuesday May 23rd -  #5 Giants 8  #1 Reds 4

Game 12 - Wednesday May 24th - #3 Red Sox 6  #7 Cubs 2

Game 15 - Friday June 2nd - #5 Giants 13  #3 Red Sox 4

Game 18 - Championship Game
Saturday June 10th - #2 Athletics 16  #5 Giants 7
HR's:  Evan Elwood (4) - Giants

Game 19 - Championship Game Winner Takes All
Monday June 12th - #2 Athletics 7  #5 Giants 5
HR's:  Connor Chan (3) - Athletics, Carter Friday (2) - Athletics


Loser's Bracket

Game 7 - Monday May 22nd - #8 Padres 13  #10 Pirates 4

Game 8 - Monday May 22nd - #3 Athletics 6  #9 Yankees 4

Game 9 - Thursday May 22nd - #8 Padres 6  #4 Astros 4

Game 10 - Thursday May 22nd - #2 Athletics 6  #6 Tigers 3

Game 13 - Thursday June 1st - #7 Cubs 8  #8 Padres 7

Game 14 - Thursday June 1st - #2 Athletics 5  #1 Reds 3

Game 16 - Saturday June 3rd - #2 Athletics 9  #7 Cubs 6

Game 17 - Monday June 5th - #2 Athletics 18  #3 Red Sox 12

Over the Top Rope

#10 Pirates
#9 Yankees
#4 Astros
#6 Tigers
#1 Reds
#8 Padres
#7 Cubs
#3 Red Sox
#5 Giants


Playoff Home Runs

4 - Evan Elwood (Giants)
3 - Bryce Burke (Padres)
3 - Connor Chan (Athletics)
2 - Carter Friday (Athletics)
2 - Tyler Wong (Reds)
1 - Will Foster (Cubs)
1 - Anthony Figaro (Padres)
1 - Gavin Everett (Astros)
1 - Kirk Lord (Red Sox)
1 - James Tofigh (Red Sox)
1 - Cole Kenyon (Tigers)
1 - Spencer Haderle (Padres)
1- Landon Murphy (Padres)
1- Jackson Bae (Pirates)

1 - Andrew Stewart (Padres)
1 - Ben Mackie (Athletics)
1 - Ryan Hove (Athletics)
1 - Alexander Khlar (Cubs)
1 - Gael Fonseca (Giants)

1 - Richard LaGrill (Athletics)

AAA Playoff Schedule for American and National League for Winners and Losers Bracket in Chronological Order

American League

Winners Bracket

Game 1 – Saturday May 13th - #5 Thunder 9  #4 Hooks 5

Game 2 – Saturday May 13th - #3 Sea Dogs 11  #6 Bulls 7

Game 3 – Monday May 15th - #1 Mud Hens 13  #5 Thunder 4

Game 4 – Tuesday May 16th - #2 Sea Wolves 6  #3 Sea Dogs 5

Game 7 – Tuesday May 23rd - #1 Mud Hens 10  #2 Sea Wolves 9

Game 10 – Saturday June 3rd – #2 Sea Wolves 15  #1 Mud Hens 6
HR's:  Carter Dalke (1) - Sea Wolves

Game 11 – Monday June 5th - #2 Sea Wolves 11  #1 Mud Hens 8

Game 12 – AAA Championship Game
Saturday June 10th - #2 Mudcats 7  #2 Sea Wolves 0


Losers Bracket

Game 5 – Sunday May 21st - #5 Thunder 7  #6 Bulls 2

Game 6 – Sunday May 21st - #4 Hooks 9  #3 Sea Dogs 8 - 7 innings

Game 8 – Wednesday May 24th -– #5 Thunder 12  #4 Hooks 2

Game 9 – Tuesday May 30th - #2 Sea Wolves 11  #5 Thunder 3

National League

Winners Bracket

Game 1 – Saturday May 13th - #4 Marauders 17  #5 Grasshoppers 10

Game 2 – Saturday May 13th - #6 Sand Gnats 11  #3 Rattlers 1

Game 3 – Tuesday May 16th - #1 River Cats 7  #4 Marauders 5

Game 4 – Wednesday May 17th - #2 Mudcats 11  #6 Sand Gnats 1

Game 7 – Tuesday May 23rd – #2 Mudcats 10  #1 River Cats 9

Game 10 – Saturday June 3rd – #1 River Cats 10  #2 Mudcats 6

Game 11 – Monday June 5th - #2 Mudcats 14  #1 River Cats 6

Game 12 – AAA Championship Game – Saturday June 10th 
#2 Mudcats 7  
#2 Sea Wolves 0

Losers Bracket

Game 5 – Sunday May 21st - #3 Rattlers 10  #4 Marauders 8

Game 6 – Sunday May 21st - #5 Grasshoppers 5  #6 Sand Gnats 4

Game 8 – Thursday May 25th - #3 Rattlers 10  #5 Grasshoppers 3

Game 9 – Tuesday May 30th – #1 River Cats 6  #3 Rattlers 5

Over the Top Rope

#6 Bulls (AL)
#3 Sea Dogs (AL)
#4 Hooks (AL)
#5 Thunder (AL)
#6 Sand Gnats (NL)
#4 Marauders (NL)
#5 Grasshoppers (NL)
#3 Rattlers (NL)

Playoff Home Runs

2 - Alan Szymanski (Marauders)
2 - Reese Hsu (Thunder)
2 - Nick Fox (Sand Gnats)
1 - Jake Sawyer (Thunder)
1 - Nate Hui (Sea Dogs)
1 - Cole Reimer (Marauders)
1 - Alessandro Martinez (Marauders)
1 - Rocco Loskutoff (Thunder)
1 - Ryan Mendez (Mudcats)
1 - Gabe Goodwin (Rattlers)
1 - Everett Haggarty (Sand Gnats)
1 - Carter Dalke (Sea Wolves)
1 - Connor Cook (Mudcats)
1 - Joey Correa (Mudcats)


2017 San Carlos Summer Tournament Section

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The 2017 San Carlos Summer Tournament will be from July 18th - July 23rd, 2017. 

 Click here to see the 2017 SCHEDULE OF GAMES (will be posted soon), RULES, TEAM REGISTRATION and ROSTER RELEASE FORM.

If you have questions please contact Ross Mackie at and Toby O'Brien at

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The San Carlos Field Hotline is 650-594-2626