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Welcome to the San Carlos Little League Website

Established in 1953, San Carlos Little League provides a positive youth baseball experience to children of all abilities in the San Carlos community, by developing the qualities of leadership, citizenship, discipline, character and teamwork.

2017 Hit-A-Thon is Back!!!

Save the Date

2017 SCLL Hit-A-Thon!!
Sunday April 30th at Burton Park
Madsen and Flanagan Fields

All Day Event for All Divisions

Much more details to follow!!!!

Majors & AAA Game of the Week

Majors Game of the Week 

Set 6 Game- Friday March 24th
Reds (3-2) at Padres (0-4-1)
7:00 p.m. at Highlands North
Friday Night Lights #1


AAA Game of the Week

Set 2 Game - Thursday March 23rd
Mud Hens (1-0) at Sea Dogs (1-0)
5:30 p.m. at Laureola


Majors Section

Standings Into Set 6

Cubs 4-1-1
Athletics 2-1-2

Red Sox 4-2
Yankees 3-2

Giants 4-2
Astros 3-2-1
Reds 2-3
Tigers 2-4

Pirates 1-4-1
Padres 0-4-1


Set 6 Schedule

Tuesday March 21st:  Red Sox 17  Cubs 6
Wednesday March 22nd:  Yankees (3-2) at Athletics (2-1-1), RAIN OUT, Makeup Date TBA
Thursday March 23rd:  Giants 7  Pirates 5
Thursday March 23rd:  Astros 12  Tigers 4
Friday March 24th:  Reds (3-2) at Padres (0-4-1) Friday Night Lights #1, RAIN OUT, Makeup Date TBA

Set 6 Home Runs:  Jason Tofigh (1) - Red Sox, Leo McMahon (1) - Red Sox, Gavin Everett (2) - Astros, Ryan Greene (1) - Astros, Michael Pedrotti (1) - Astros, Hudson Fox (1) - Astros, Jack Van Wert (1) - Tigers

Set 7 Schedule - Sunday March 26th @ Arguello
NOTE:  Saturday's Set 7 Majors games moved to Sunday at same time previously scheduled on Saturday

8:00 a.m. - Tigers at Athletics
10:15 a.m. - Padres at Giants
12:30 p.m. - Red Sox at Yankees
2:45 p.m. - Reds at Cubs
5:00 p.m. - Astros at Pirates

Set 7 Home Runs:  

For the entire season results and home runs please see the article below under SCLL News entitled "Majors Standings, Results, and Home Runs"

AAA Section

Standings Into Set 2

National League

River Cats 1-0
Rattlers 1-0
Mudcats 1-0
Sand Gnats 0-1-1
Grasshoppers 0-1-1
Marauders 0-1

American League

Mud Hens 2-0
Sea Dogs 1-1
Thunder 1-1
Hooks 1-1
Sea Wolves 0-1
Bulls 0-1


Set 2 Schedule

Monday March 20th:  Sea Wolves at Bulls  RAIN OUT - Makeup Date TBA
Tuesday March 21st:  Grasshoppers 8  Sand Gnats 8
Tuesday March 21st:  Hooks 11  Thunder 3
Wednesday March 22nd:  River Cats at Mudcats  RAIN OUT - Makeup Date TBA
Wednesday March 22nd:  Rattlers at Marauders  RAIN OUT - Makeup Date TBA
Thursday March 23rd:  Mud Hens 9  Sea Dogs 4

Set 2 Home Runs:  None

Set 3 Schedule 

Friday March 24th:  Sand Gnats at Sea Wolves  Friday Night Lights #1, RAIN OUT, Makeup Date TBA

Saturday Games

8:30 a.m. at Laureola:  Marauders at Hooks
10:30 a.m. at Stadium:  Rattlers at Thunder
11:00 a.m. at Laureola:  Mudcats at Mud Hens
1:30 p.m. at Laureola:  Bulls at Grasshoppers
4:00 p.m. at Laureola:  Sea Dogs at River Cats

Set 3 Home Runs:

For the entire season results and home runs please see the article below under SCLL News entitled "AAA Standings, Results, and Home Runs"


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  • 01/11/2017, 8:15pm PST , By Ted Mathias,
  • Can Manager Mike Zirelli and Assistant Coach Steve Kempton lead the Giants to a championship in an odd year??
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Weather/Field Updates

Friday 3/24/17 - UPDATE:  Friday Night Lights CANCELLED (both the AAA and Majors game cancelled)

Saturday 8:30 a.m. AAA game decision will be made tonight

Saturday rest of AAA games decision will be made early Saturday morning

Saturday Majors games have been rescheduled to Sunday same time as they were on Saturday at Arguello

Check for weather updates during the 2017 season on this section! 


The San Carlos Field Hotline is 650-594-2626


2017 San Carlos Summer Tournament Section

The 2017 San Carlos Summer Tournament will be from July 18th - July 23rd, 2017. More information will be posted as we get closed to the tournament date.

To see a recap of the 2016 scores click the link below.

 Click here to see the 2016 SCORES, SCHEDULE OF GAMES and OFFICIAL RULES!!

If you have questions please contact Ross Mackie at and Toby O'Brien at