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Majors Home Runs

Majors Home Run Prizes

Both The Sandwich Spot and The Toss in San Carlos will provide free sandwiches to Majors home run hitters and free salads to the home run hitters' Mom or Dad.  Multiple homers in a game will only be awarded one sandwich or one salad.  The free salad is one per family for the season.

The Sandwich Spot
1295 Laurel Street

The Toss
1673 Laurel Street


2017 Home Run Leaders

Majors Home Run Leaders

5  Carter Friday (Athletics)
3  James Tofigh (Red Sox)
3  Gavin Everett (Astros)
3  Alexander Romero (Red Sox)
3  Carson Baldi (Yankees)
3  Evan Elwood (Giants)
2  Clay Hinsdale (Cubs)
2  Cole Kenyon (Tigers)
2  Andrew Stewart (Padres)
1  Will Foster (Cubs)
1  Tyler Wong (Reds)
1  Kai Apela (Reds)
1  Wesley Murray (Cubs)
1  Joe Prieto (Reds)
1  Bryce Burke (Padres)
1  Tej Sukilar (Yankees)
1  Jayden Weber (Tigers)
1  Max Miller (Tigers)
1  Jason Tofigh (Red Sox)
1  Leo McMahon (Red Sox)
1  Ryan Greene (Astros)
1  Michael Pedrotti (Astros)
1  Hudson Fox (Astros)
1  Jack Van Wert (Tigers)
1  Connor Chan (Athletics)