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Welcome umpires to the San Carlos Little League!

Welcome umpires (both youth and adult) to the 2017 San Carlos Little League season!

Requirements for Youth Umpiring

  • Attend one of the umpire field training sessions.
  • Study the online materials and take the quiz (TBD).
  • Purchase insurance for yourself, as mandated by the Little League national body (SCLL will reimburse you after your first completed paid umpiring assignment).
    • Link to insurance site to be provided.
  • Fill out, sign, and return a Medical Release Form.

Umpire Field Training Sessions

ALL umpires (both youth as well as Majors and AAA coaches) will need to attend one of these sessions to be eligible to umpire during the 2017 season.

ALL Majors and AAA coaches need to attend one of these sessions.

Umpire training dates/times and locations (updated as of 2/27/2017 PM - you need to attend only one):

  • Saturday, February 25, 2017, 10:00AM - 11:30 AM at Arguello Park MOVED TO STADIUM
  • Sunday, February 26, 2017, 4:00 - 5:30 PM at Arguello Park MOVED TO STADIUM
  • Make-up session: THURSDAY MARCH 2ND, 2017, 5:00 - 6:15 PM at Arguello Park

We will have 60 minutes of field instruction, followed by 15-30 minutes of rules and logistics review.

We will assign online homework as well - watching umpiring videos, filling out and submitting a quiz. We will also encourage umpires to get their feet wet during practice games, behind the plate and on the field. Those who volunteer for practice games will get first dibs for regular season assignments!

Sign-Up Form

Please read and sign up via the Google Form below!

Check your name in the sheet below the form to ensure you're registered (there may be up to a 24-hour delay for your name to appear ..).

At the bottom is a frequently asked questions list. We'll keep adding to the list!

Field Umpiring Training Agenda

Get coffee, bagels, OJ, cups (Gordon)
9:45 Check-in: attendance Spencer
* Highlight / check those attending
* space for new youth ump attendees: name / email / phone#
* space for adult ump attendees
10:00 Introductions (Gordon, Spencer); agenda; get folks onto the field Gordon, Spencer
Field training - bases Spencer (with umps xxx, players xxx)
10:05 * Demonstrate at Position A - play @ first, play at 2nd via OF
* Demonstrate at Position B: IF + OF play
* Demonstrate at Position C: IF + OF play
10:20 Have all kids / adults run through all 3 positions concurrently (~ 5 experienced youth / adults first to set an example)
* Get in line for A, run through Position A (IF play at 1st) * May include OF play 1B to 2B Need: exp ump, 4 players - 2 runners, 2 fielders (1B, and 2B or SS)
* Get in next line for B, run through B (IF play - call runner at 1st) Need: exp ump
* Get in line for C, run through C (IF play - call runner at 1st) Need: exp ump
10:35 Umps get in line: OF play at Position A: batter to 2B Need: exp ump, 4 runners
10:40 Special situations like infield fly (Majors), obstruction vs interference, 3rd strike not caught (Majors); check swing help
10:45 Field training- behnd plate
* Demonstration by several experienced umps - feet position, head position, strike zone size
* Keep strike zone consistent throughout entire game
* Strike zone: top of knee to bottom of armpit; outer edges of plate * AAA height: can allow bottom of knee to top of armpit - help the pitcher, pace of game * Width: can go chalk-to-chalk earlier during season
* Call a more generous strike zone in beginning of season; can allow to get tighter as the season progresses
* Work with field ump on coverage of bases
10:50 Have all kids / adults get behind plate for 1 pitch: 3-2 full count* Also use 1B, 3B batting cages Need x 3: Spencer, catcher, 2 pitchers, kid ump (rotating)
* Situations: * Called strike 3 * Swing: miss or foul? * Dropped 3rd strike (including ball in dirt, or dropped from glove) * Steal home * Steal 2nd
11:00 Rules training (in stands while watching play on field)
* LL and local rules review (based on pre-work)
* Expectations and Guidelines (general) * Anticipate the play, NOT the call * Be loud and forceful with your calls of balls and strikes, and definitive on the bases * Coaches cannot question judgement calls, only questions on whether a rule has been applied properly * Only managers (not coaches) can address umpires * Lean on your fellow umpire for affirmation, rules questions, validation * Describe game management issues—how coaches/managers should conduct themselves in managing the game/complying with the rules of the game * Adults behind plate for first half of season; youth behind plate for 2nd half of season * Adults CANNOT give assignment to youth. Must have at least one adult ump each game. * Vouchers - 1 per game to youth ump (by home manager) * New pitchers get 8 warmup pitches; 5 warmup pitches between innings * Encourage bench player to warm up pitcher if catcher not yet ready (must have mask); NO COACHES can warm up pitcher * Encouraged to wear protective cup
* Expectations (adults) * Guidance to youth; don't overrule unless help requested by youth * Let Gordon, Spencer know about youth umps - feedback, issues * Let Gordon, Spencer, + Coordinators know about managers / coaches, teams being abusive, breaking rules * Manager responsible for working with coaches on initial assignments, and for team's assignments unless swapped * Each coach Dibs with agreed assignment * Procedure for fill-ins: email list, swap on own via Dibs
* Expectations (youth) * Arrive early for games * Assertiveness (don't get intimidated) * reinforce treating the job with respect and responsibility. They are being paid for games and should act accordingly. * Expectations viz. managers/coaches, players, fans, etc. * Reinforce respect for the game. * Early dibs for signing up for practice games * Group text chat - cell #s or personal email addresses needed! * Dibs process * Homework: ump quiz * Vouchers - cashing in * Release Form - fill out and return
Pass out 2017 Rule Book
11:30 Signups for practice games for Feb 25th Stadium (4 umps per game max; 2-3 innings per ump, BE AT ENTIRE GAME to help out fellow umps!)
Email umpiring homework for youth (and adults) Gordon
25 Key Little League Rules for SCLL (2015 edition, to be updated for 2017)
SCLL Majors Rules - 2016 draft (will publish 2017 ed)
SCLL AAA Rules - Updated for 2016 (will publish 2017 ed)
Umpiring training videos - field / base and home plate positions (we will be using 2-man umpiring crew positions)
Western Region UIC - umpiring presentation slides

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a rundown of frequently asked questions, with answers:

  • Will I be assigned games? or can I choose based on my availability?
    • You will be able to choose your games! It's first-come, first served. We don't make assignments.
  • I may have high-school baseball / track / band / etc. obligations, I can't commit to any games in advance. Can I serve as a fill-in?
    • You can serve as a fill-in for last-minute openings, as trade or fill-in requests always come up from your fellow umps.
    • You can umpire when your schedule frees up later in the season.
  • Will I be umpiring for AAA? or Majors?
    • New umpires will start with AAA games. By default, expect to stay in AAA during the entire season.
    • Returning umpires will umpire Majors games.
    • AAA umpires may be asked from time to time to "fill-in" open and unfilled Majors umpiring slots. Typically, these are first-come, first-served requests.
    • New umpires that graduated from SCLL as 12s in 2015 or prior, and demonstrate the appropriate knowledge and poise, may be moved up from AAA to Majors during the season (on a case-by-case basis).