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Coaching Resources

Welcome to the Coaching Resource page for all San Carlos Little League managers and coaches.  Here you can find resources to be a great coach!

Pitching Clinic with Former San Francisco Giants Pitcher Mike Zirelli


We wanted to pass along this video of a clinic for AAA coaches done by former San Francisco Giants minor league pitcher and current SCLL Board member Mike Zirelli.  While the clinic was targeted at AAA pitchers, Mike shares some very helpful fundamentals and drills for all kids that are beginning.

Drills For A Rainy Day Or Things Players Can Do At Home...


New: AAA Pitching Video Featuring Coach Mike Zirelli:

3 Baseball Drills you can do by Yourself

Rainy Day Drills (get past the strange guy in a shed but the drills are good for at home!)



Little League University

Click the image to access Little League University, the official learning site for coaches with tons of content from drafting teams, to drills, etc.  If its your first time, you will want to register and create a free log in account.

Practice Plans



Below are links to Sample Practice Plans documents for the listed division to help build a great practice for your team:

T-Ball:  Sample Plan   Complete 10 Week Program Guide For TBall  SAMPLE TBALL BATTING/LINEUP SHEET

Farm:  Sample Plan #1     Sample Plan #2   Complete 12 Week Guide Coach Pitch

AA:     Sample Plan #1     Sample Plan #2   Complete 12 Week Guide Coach Pitch (can be modified for AA)

​AAA:  Sample Plan #1     Sample Plan #2   Sample Plan #3

Majors: Sample Plan #1

Sample EDD (Every Day Drill - Great For Warm Up Each Practice - Can Be Modified For Lower Divisions)

  • Bare Hand: partner rolls ball to center of the body, players should take small right left motion and field with soft hands. Transfer the ball to the throwing position maintaining good footwork.
  • Glove On: perform same drill as bare hand with glove on. Footwork is very important.
  • Glove On Backhand: partner should roll balls to backhand. Players should get into proper backhand position when fielding. Transfer ball to throwing position. Maintain good footwork.
  • Glove On Forehand: partner rolls ball to forehand. Players should move to the ball and get into the correct fielding position. Work on transferring to throwing position and good footwork.
  • Glove On a Short Hops: partner should feed each other on a short hop. Receiving partner should try to receive ball as close to the hop as possible. Working through the ball. Short hops are done in front, forehand and backhand.

Sample Dynamic Warm Up Exercise:

Instructional Videos

The links below have excellent instructional videos that coaches can incorporate into their practices:

New - Active Baseball Practice Format (multiple reps per player at all positions including hitting)

BASEBALLROX (Multiple instructional videos for all facets of the game)

Issaquah Little League in Washington State (Several instructional videos for coaches)

Newport Beach Baseball Practice Video (Solid video of complete practice plan for AA-Majors)


More great instructional videos below broken down the main areas of focus:


Hitting Clinic:
Stance Absolutes:
Negative Move:
Shorten the Swing Path:
Stabilization Video:


Arm strength:
Backhand drill:
2nd Base Double play pivot drill:
Double Play Drill w/runner sim:
Infield receiving position:
Infield receiving drill:
Fielding with a crow hop:
Covering First Base:
Outfield Relay Drill:
Underhand Flip Box Drill:


Catcher's Drills (all levels):
Catcher Blocking:

Catcher Receiving:
Catcher’s Stance:
Skills and Basic Drills:


Nolan Ryan and Tom House on Pitcing:      
Rank Rodriguez- Boston Red Sox:

AAA Pitching Video Featuring Coach Mike Zirelli: