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1974 National League Cy Young Award Winner Dr. Mike Marshall to help kick off San Carlos Tournament

06/20/2016, 9:15pm PDT
By Ted Mathias,


SCLL is pleased to announce that Dr. Mike Marshall will help kick off this year's San Carlos Baseball Tournament.


Dr. Marshall is the foremost expert today in non injurious pitching motion.  Having played over 20 years as a professional baseball player (14  in the Majors), and over 50 years as a clinical researcher, Dr. Marshall has uncovered the secrets of safe and powerful pitching.   In 1974, when teammate Tommy John ruptured his pitching elbow, Marshall played a significant role in his rehabilitation (Wikipedia).



Cy Young Award

1972 4th NL Cy Young

1973 2nd NL Cy Young

1974 NL Cy Young Award Winner

1978 7th AL Cy Young

1979 5th AL Cy Young


Other MLB accomplishments

1972 Montreal Expos Player of the Year 

1973 Montreal Expos Player of the Year 

1973 NL Fireman of the Year 

1974 NL All-Star

1974 NL Fireman of the Year 

1975 NL All-Star

1979 AL Fireman of the Year

MLB Records

Most Relief Innings pitched in a single season (208)

Most appearances in a single season (106)

Most consecutive games pitched (13)

Most games finished (84)



Only player to close every game in the World Series ('74 World Series Top 9th)




Monday, July 11, 4-5:30 pm, Laureola Park, San Carlos, CA

Dr. Marshall will discuss, and a Little League player will demonstrate, the Drills that teach his Skills.


Register at: Dr. Mike Marshall Demonstration



Tuesday, July 12, 5-6pm, 601 Chestnut St. San Carlos (Adult Community Center)

General discussion on the science of pitching, including the causes of injuries, and how to prevent injuries, maximizing velocity, and understanding the four types of baseball batters.


Register at: Dr. Mike Marshall Lecture

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