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2017 Majors Giants Preview

01/11/2017, 8:15pm PST
By Ted Mathias,

Can Manager Mike Zirelli and Assistant Coach Steve Kempton lead the Giants to a championship in an odd year??

The final out was recorded and the Giants did it again!!!

They won the 2016 World Series making it 4 championships in 7 years and continuing their even year dominance.


Ok so maybe it wasn’t the San Francisco Giants, but the 2016 SCLL Majors Giants kept the even streak magic alive for the Giants.

And if you ask me which bullpen I would trust with a one run lead late in the game, you better believe it’s the 2016 Majors Giants!!!


Michael Romeo managed that 2016 Giant team but his kid aged out of Little League, thus aging Manager Romeo out of Little League, and leaving the Giants franchise in flux.

But in late November Mike Zirelli was offered the Giants Manager job along with Assistant Coach Steve Kempton.

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Zirelli’s resume is impressive.

He won the AA Championship with Kempton as his Assistant Coach with the Arkansas Razorbacks 2 seasons ago.

Last year he returned to the AA championship game, this time with an undefeated Georgia Bulldogs squad, and fell just short of a title.

He accomplished that while doing double duty and managing the AAA Mud Cats to the 2nd best record and lowest ERA in the league.


And now he faces his biggest challenge with the 2017 Majors Giants.

Can he continue the franchise’s amazing run, but in an odd year?


The Giants are led by one of the best players in Majors, Evan Elwood.

As an 11 year old last year Elwood was 2nd in the Majors in Home Runs.


“Chicks dig the long ball” as Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux once said.

And hitting home runs will make for an exciting Giants season and pack the bleachers and mountain trails overlooking Arguello Park.


But using a golf metaphor, you drive for show and putt for dough.

And putting in golf is pitching in baseball.

Pitching wins championships, plain and simple.


Can the Giants get enough pitching to win a title?

It will be a challenge as 7 of their 12 kids were drafted straight out of AAA with no Majors experience.

The team will have to rely heavily on the five 12 year old kids that have Majors experience including Elwood, who won a championship with the Giants last year.

The others are Gael Fonseca, Connor Thompson, Parker Harrison, and the coolest name in all of Majors, Xavier van Loben Sels.


And they will have to rely on Manager Zirelli, who was the former pitching coach at Santa Clara.

Zirelli is such a good pitching coach he even got the pitching machine at AA to throw straight down the middle.


It’s an exciting time for the Majors Giants.

With a blend of youth and experience, hitting and pitching, they hope to have the right formula to win a championship…even in an odd year.


2017 Majors Giants (Last Season Played, Baseball Age)


Jace Areff, AAA, 12

Ethan Benton, AAA, 11

Evan Elwood, Majors, 12

Gael Fonseca, Majors, 12

Parker Harrison, Majors, 12

Tyler Harrison, AAA, 10

Vikram Kacholiya, AAA, 12

Jack Kempton, AAA, 11

Josaih Saberi, AAA, 12

Xavier van Loben Sels, Majors 12

Zach Zirelli, AAA, 10

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