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AAA Game of the Week - Kneel Before Zod

By Ted Mathias,, 04/23/17, 9:00PM PDT


AAA Game of the Week - Kneel Before Zod

AAA Game of the Week
Mud Hens (6-0) at Marauders (3-2-1)
Saturday April 22nd – 8:30 a.m. at Stadium

The Mud Hens have unleashed their super powers and wreaked havoc on AAA.
They have outscored opponents 89-30 on their way to a perfect 6-0 start and first place in the American League.
They have devastated their opposition with power, speed, and precision.

Many are seeking answers for the Mud Hens incredible start.
Some believe that the Earth’s yellow sun has given the Mud Hens baseball super powers.
Others believe that Manager Doug Karmin escaped from the Phantom Zone to become the sole ruler of AAA.

As General Zod said in Superman II “I win.  I always win.  Is there no one on this planet to even challenge me???”

This Saturday's Game of the Week may be the last hope for AAA, and the last hope for Planet Houston.

Marauders Manager Rick Martinez has his team tied for first place in the National League.
But now he faces his biggest task of the year against the Mud Hens.

Martinez has spent the entire week in the Fortress of Solitude, the Marauders home field, preparing for this home game.
The Mud Hens must come to him.

When General Zod came to Superman's home, he got tricked into losing his superpowers, broke his hand in a handshake, and was thrown into the Fortress of Solitude's ice chamber for eternity.

Can the Marauders have the same home field advantage as the son of Jor-El did in Superman II?
Can they find the kryptonite to defeat the Mud Hens?
Can they get the Mud Hens in the molecule chamber and reverse their super powers?

Or will a 7th opponent Kneel before Zod?

Kneel before zod small

Find out in your AAA Game of the Week!!!