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Youth Umpires - San Carlos Little League

Welcome umpires to 2018 San Carlos Little League season!

Apply Now!  Join the youth umpire program. 

San Carlos Little League has a youth umpire program that is a point of pride.   We have trained a large number of our youth to develop leadership skills, strengthen their ties to baseball, and serve the San Carlos community. 

San Carlos Little League has taken a fresh look at our umpire program this year, and we have voted to double-down on all of the above positive qualities.  In previous years, adult umpires/ coaches took on many of the umpire slots during the season.  This year, the San Carlos Little League board has voted to leverage our youth umpires for 100% of AAA and Majors games this year.  This means that there will be more opportunities for youth leadership via umpiring.  Amplifying our commitment to youth umpiring, the board has voted to invite current 12 year-old Little League Majors players to umpire AAA games. 

As a youth umpire, you will earn money for each game, or if you want to earn community service hours in lieu of pay we can do that as well. For many kids, this is their first paid job.  Like any job, certain accountability and responsibility accompany the role  -- including training, time/ schedule management, and reporting in on events.

Consider this form an open enrollment for youth applicants who would like to umpire this season.  Once you enroll as an interested youth umpire, we will respond back in a couple of weeks with next steps as it relates to training and coming season preparation. 

Apply Now!  Join the youth umpire program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a rundown of frequently asked questions, with answers:

  • Will I be assigned games? or can I choose based on my availability?
    • You will be able to choose your games! It's first-come, first served. We don't make assignments.
  • I may have high-school baseball / track / band / etc. obligations, I can't commit to any games in advance. Can I serve as a fill-in?
    • You can serve as a fill-in for last-minute openings, as trade or fill-in requests always come up from your fellow umps.
    • You can umpire when your schedule frees up later in the season.
  • Will I be umpiring for AAA? or Majors?
    • New umpires will start with AAA games. By default, expect to stay in AAA during the entire season.
    • **New for 2018**  Current 12 year old Majors Players can umpire AAA games. By rule, current Majors players will only umpire AAA during the entire season.
    • AAA umpires may be asked from time to time to "fill-in" open and unfilled Majors umpiring slots. Typically, these are first-come, first-served requests.
    • New umpires that graduated from SCLL as 12s in 2016 or prior, and demonstrate the appropriate knowledge and poise, may be moved up from AAA to Majors during the season (on a case-by-case basis).